CMU Cryptography Group



We work broadly in all areas in Cryptography: applied as well as foundational. This includes topics such as Zero-knowledge proofs, Secure Multi-party computation, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, Verifiable Computation, Computing on Encrypted Data, Non-Malleable Cryptography, and, Anonymous Communication. Please check the individual webpages for publications and projects.


Full Time Faculty:


Manuel Blum

Vipul Goyal



Faculty in Related Areas:


David Brumley

Anupam Datta

Matt Fredrickson

Venkat Guruswami

Bryan Parno

Steven Rudich



Students and Postdocs:


Nils Fleischhacker (postdoc from Feb 2017 to April 2018)

Giulio Malavolta (postdoc starting Feb 2019)

Yifan Song

Elisa Masserova

Yanyi Liu

George Lu

Raghav Behl



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